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Option 2:   Highlighted Pay per Click Listing

In addition to the information provided in the basic listing, your business name will be highlighted in our directory with a coloured shading like this, making it stand out among the other listed businesses.  By agreement, participating businesses will pay a fee of 50cents per traffic click, billed quarterly, up to a maximum of $100 yearly. Of course, you only pay if your listing attracts traffic.  

NOTE: Bonus for Pay Per Click business subscribers - ONE MONTH FREE display in the "New to TorontotheBetter.net" section on our Home Page.

Option 3:   Additional Logo or Graphic

See the sample listing below:


ADDRESS: P.O. Box 353, Stn.A Toronto, ON M5W 1C2
-0050 ext.305     FAX: 416-364-0606    EMAIL: libra@web.ca   

CONTACT: Greg Taylor   HOURS: Mon.-Fri.: 9 am to 5 pm  

Actions for a Better Toronto

MISSION: To support organizations working for a better Toronto, by providing "knowledge and information services for a better millennium."   SERVICES: Information centre, knowledge management and research services; Web publication services; Plain language documentation services and training programs; wholesale/retail bookseller/supplier.


Under this option, your listing will include an insertion (logo, graphic, etc.) of your choice - see Libra sample above. The cost: an additional flat rate fee of $50 yearly.

Option 4: "New to TorontotheBetter.net" display

For $15 monthly (you may select any number of months), we will include your business name (linked to your record) and a brief description, on our Home/Main Menu page.

See the Sample below:

NEW TO TorontotheBetter.Net:
Libra Information Services - a multicultural worker co-op offering a variety of knowledge management and information services on an operational and consultancy basis

Option 5: Email Blast for your Listing                          

For $50, we will forward an email announcement of your business (with a brief description and a link to your record) to our list of approximately 1,000 contacts. Our client list is composed of individuals and organizations promoting and supporting socially-responsible business.

Option 6:  Site Sponsorship

Plan 4 sponsors have their name and logo highlighted on the TorontotheBetter.net splash page (the opening page).  This is the highest traffic page on the site.  Visit the site at http://www.TorontotheBetter.net to see our existing sponsors. 

Sponsorship prices are $500 (1 year)  or $1,000 Platinum [ your name and large logo on all pages on site + all TorontotheBetter communications for 3 years ].

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