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Participation in the Torontothebetter Shopping Card programme is completely free for businesses who participate by selecting a special or discount of their own that they are willing to make available to Torontothebetter Shopping Card holders. The special offer, or discount you choose is up to you; just let us know what it will be and you can become part of the Torontothebetter site for free.   

            Email us at for more information.


Starting Today you can get Toronto's first shopping card for Socially responsible businesses. shopping cards gives cardholders special benefits at the participating shops and businesses. Whether it's discounts at the Solar Laundromat or specials an art from recycled metal, there is lots for work, home and play to interested progressive social shoppers.

To apply for a  free Shopping Card  

send an email providing your name and contact information to  with shopping card in the subject line.

Click Here for participating Businesses

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