Community Builder Mortgage™ Program
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In partnership with Alterna Savings, libra Information Services, creator and operator of, Toronto's socially responsible business directory, is pleased to offer you the Community Builder Mortgage™ program  a unique mortgage that offers long term highly competitive rates while supporting the community. The Community Builder Mortgage™ programme is a unique community development opportunity available through our relationship with Alterna Savings, Toronto's premier community credit union.  

The Community Builder Mortgage is a 5-year fixed mortgage that features a fantastic, no haggle interest rate guaranteed to be at or below ING Canada and President’s Choice Financial. That’s the best rate on the block!*

You’ll also get a flexible payment schedule and the option to double-up on payments so you can pay your mortgage off faster. Alterna Savings pays for your mortgage switch costs**, if applicable, and your entire household may even qualify for free daily banking**.

So how does it work? When you choose a Community Builder Mortgage, libraInformation Services' TorontotheBetter.Net receives an honorarium from Alterna Savings for 0.50% of the mortgage amount to promote the many progressive businesses like yours that we list. For example, a mortgage of $200,000 will earn $1,000 for Libra to use on further development of TorontotheBetter.Net. Who would have thought that mortgages could help us raise money more easily than traditional fundraisers?

With the Community Builder Mortgage, you’ll get all the benefits of a great mortgage and you’ll be supporting libra  Information Services'  TorontotheBetter.Net. Definitely a win-win situation! And, as you’d expect, you can rest assured that the process is completely confidential. Once we tell you about the benefits of the Community Builder Mortgage, the rest of the process is between you and Alterna Savings.

Interested? It’s easy—click here: Letter of Introduction to email a request to libra  for a Letter of Introduction.  You'll need to take this letter to the your nearest branch of Alterna Savings (to find out which Alterna Savings branch is closest to you or to book an appointment with a mortgage specialist, call 416-252-5621 or 1-800-777-8507 or click here: visit). When we receive your request we will immediately send the letter to you by email or regular mail, as you wish.

Please contact Greg Taylor of Libra/ at 416-707-3509 (tel.) or (email) with any questions.

Thanks so much for your support!

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