ADDRESS: 147 Spadina Avenue  Toronto, ON    M5V 2L7    
TELEPHONE: 416 203-4674
FAX: 416 946-1770
  CONTACT: Melissa Shin
Actions for a Better Toronto
  MISSION: Corporate Knights Magazine is the magazine for clean capitalism. Our mission is to humanize the marketplace.
  SERVICES: Quarterly magazine, reports and pod casts making it easier for people to know the environmental and social impacts of their marketplace decisions.
  NOTES: Our goal is to jump start Canada to become the world leader in responsible commerce. We believe a responsible corporate culture can fort a more livable world for all. We believe that a properly designed marketplace and an informed citizenry can deliver: Healthier people, Clean air, Clean water, More flourishing forests, Safer and more secure workplaces, More respect for human rights, and More low-and-zero-footprint energy.
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