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NOTE: A basic listing in the TorontotheBetter Directory is free. In return, we encourage you to either commit to offer a customer discount to those who find you through TorontotheBetter (e.g. by citing our Web page or showing a TorontotheBetter discount card) or, alternatively, make a contribution of any size or form, to TorontotheBetter’s programme in support of Toronto’s social economy. NOTE: all basic TorontotheBetter programmes are conducted on a Pay What You Can (Want) basis.                  

Highlighted and or graphically enhanced listing options are available by agreement; Just let us know what you want to do and we will quote you a price. FYI - In addition, a TorontotheBetter Splash page ad starts from $250 per year. All new entries in our directory are sent to our list of thousands of social economy friendly citizens in Toronto and beyond.                    

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 Free with reciprocal posting of TorontotheBetter site URL – [Toronto’s Original Multi-sector online social economy directory] on your website.; or
Basic - $20


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0.50c to maximum of $100 yearly
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$50.00 yearly
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$15 monthly (First month free)
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Option 5:  Email Blast for your Listing

Option 6:  Site Sponsorship
$500 (1-year) 

 $1000 Platinum (3-years)

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