ADDRESS: 1421. Bloor St. West.  Toronto, ON   M6P 3L4
TELEPHONE: 647- 382-5683
  CONTACT: Juan Fernando Marin
  HOURS: Monday-Friday 10am-8pm; Saturday 10am-6pm.
Actions for a Better Toronto
  MISSION: At this moment in time I see human beings coming full circle with history and re-entering an age of community and harmonious activation of all our senses.  With the application of history, we enter this community again with a mature understanding of relationship and communication.

There are many languages in the world today, and pushing this step into maturity would be the ability to communicate through the different forms of code from different regions.  Languages are one of the beautiful creations of man that has enriched and nourished our experience on earth in ways that are still somewhat not completely understood.  When you learn a new language you have not only enriched your own life but enriched the life of another who gets the chance to know you on a more profound, comical, and intimate level.

The GTBT Tea Shop was built with the intention to bring all walks of life together.  We have a great opportunity to be in a city where most of the languages and cultures of the earth are represented.  At the moment there is still a sense of division as is evident in the world between these languages and cultures.  Most of us common folks are beginning to observe the futility of these divisions and the importance and intelligent process of this unity.

Languages are fun, meeting new people is courageous and exciting, direct dialogue with the intention of learning and growth is nourishing and enriching to the conscious experience.
So I invite you members of this city to simply step outside our cultural comfort zones and walk into an experience that can begin to build bridges between these divisions.  Most importantly to ENJOY! without expectations, without judgments, and pre-conceptions, but to simply bring the clean slate of natural enjoyment as the whole thing unfolds.

  SERVICES: A neutral and elastic space that invites everyone to experience the joy of community.  Or according to our small town brothers and sisters "A small town shop within the big city."  We maintain the space by selling nourishing quality tea, coffee, hot Mayan chocolate, along with an assortment of home made pastries and savory treats that continuously evolve.  Other services include language dialogues for members of the community interested in meeting new people whilst polishing or learning a new language through direct dialogue, live music, live performance, and overall very friendly atmosphere.
  LANGUAGES: English & Spanish
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