Community CarShare
ADDRESS: 203-290 King Street East, kitchener, Ontario    N2G 2L3
TELEPHONE: 519-578-1895; 1-855-742-7399
FAX: 519-579-2195
  CONTACT: Matthew Piggott
Actions for a Better Toronto
  MISSION: Community CarShare is incorporated as a not-for-profit car-sharing co-operative. The co-op’s mission is to deliver a car-sharing service and to promote car-sharing as an important component of a transportation system that supports an alternative to the privately-owned automobile. Through this, the co-op seeks to reduce overall transportation costs, traffic congestion, and air pollution, thus improving our community. The co-op intends to achieve the above by: • providing access to vehicles on a self-serve, hourly, pay-per-use basis; • educating the public about the economic, social, and environmental advantages of car-sharing; • fostering partnerships with governments, businesses, and organizations; • providing a model of a non-hierarchical, democratic enterprise and employer; • creating meaningful employment; and, • upholding the co-operative principles.
  SERVICES: Access to a fleet of vehicles on a self-serve pay-per-use basis. Non-profit co-operatively owned business.
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  LANGUAGES: English
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