YamChops - Vegetarian Butcher & Prepared Foods
ADDRESS: 705 College Street, Toronto, Ontario    M6G 1C2
TELEPHONE: (416) 645-0117
EMAIL: TalkToUs@YamChops.com
  WWW SITE: http://www.YamChops.com
Actions for a Better Toronto
  MISSION: YamChops is a vegetarian butcher shop. Some might say thatís an oxymoron, but we believe plant-based proteins can be a staple of any kitchen or diet. Our recipes appeal to all types of eaters: flexitarians, those who are choosing to reduce their meat consumption, vegetarians and vegans.
  SERVICES: Full service plant-based butcher counter. AuJus raw, organic, cold pressed juice. Lunch / dinner counter. Limited seating. Delivery. Catering.
  NOTES: Listing Selection: Shopping Card Program
  LANGUAGES: English, French
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