ADDRESS: 403-40 Hanna Ave., Toronto, ON, M6K 0C3
TELEPHONE: 844-373-7422/1-877-362-0959
  WEBSITE: https://www.flashfood.com
  TWITTER: @Flashfoodinc
  FACEBOOK: @Flashfoodinc
  INSTAGRAM: @Flashfoodinc
EMAIL: @flashfood.com
  CONTACT: Josh Domingues, CEO
  HOURS: 24/7 via flashfoodinc.com
  LANGUAGE(S): English
Actions for a Better Toronto
  MISSION: To save money for food consumers while reducing food waste in Toronto and other Canadian cities.
  SERVICES: Access to surplus grocery items otherwise destined to be food waste. Application allows grocery stores to post their food surpluses. Multiple Toronto store particpants listed on website.
  NOTES: Website enables listing of surplus food by stores and location directions for consumers.
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