ADDRESS: 365 Jane  St,. Toronto ON M6S 3Z3
TELEPHONE: 416-979-1684
FAX: 416-352-6160
  CONTACT: Cynthia Weatherspoon
  HOURS: Mon.-Sat.: 10 am to 6 pm
Actions for a Better Toronto
  MISSION: Founded on the premise that all humans and the natural world are interconnected and interdependent, Global Aware believes  that social justice is environmental justice. We seek to bring that message to Canadians and provide concrete outlets for active global citizenship. We get alternative ideas into the the mainstream.
  SERVICES: Global Aware provides photographs and photographic services for mainstream and alternative media. We also provide design and graphic services to green and ethical business, not-for-profits and charities. Global Aware also publishes educational alternative material.
  NOTES: GlobalAware CounterSpace: 19 Kensington Ave.; 416-204-1984; open 7 days, 11 am to 7 pm.
  LANGUAGES: English
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