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  • The TorontotheBetter creed: A strong Toronto needs a strong public sector, as well as a vibrant social economy made up of non-profit, social and co-operative enterprises. We support social enterprise, community commons AND a strong public sector, not as rivals but as allies. Let us not believe that private initiative, however well-meaning can or will substitute for the provision of needs for all. Each economic sector contributes to the supportive social economy all in Toronto need to live and thrive.
  • Great cities are places of rich diversity where people grow by connecting and exchanging with the new while rooted in community. Our motto is: I come, I share, I grow.
  • A better Toronto means a healthy city for all who live, work and visit here. As many traditional sources of support withdraw, more than ever, Toronto needs to foster the commitment and energy of all those committed to a progressive city.
  • Innovative businesses that support the health of their community, workers, the environment and their customers contribute to the growth and development of a city still admired for openness, civility, justice and creativity.
  • Informed shopping decisions, putting your money where your values are, is a way all people can take economic action to make the city, and the world, a better place.


January, 2005 site of the month [Canada’s Web home for progressive journalism and ideas]  

April, 2004 Site of the month [Information for workers from the Canadian Labour Congress]


"...a keep up the good work opening eyes and wallets in a proper fashion”   January 2005 site visitor 

"...a fabulous resource..." 
Bridget Haworth, Green Convergence Coordinator, Eneract [Energy Action Council of Toronto]

"A great idea! I welcome a directory that will make it easy to find stores that sell products like FairTrade Coffee…"
Moira Hutchinson, Consultant, United Steelworkers of America Humanities Fund

"I will use it to match my purchasing with companies that fit my beliefs."
Joan Lewis, resident, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, Toronto

"…an excellent project with obvious benefits to tourists, residents and progressive businesses in the city of Toronto."
Rob Grand, Earthly Goods and Grassroots

"An increasing number of consumers want to shop their values. The Toronto the Better Directory is a helpful guide for those consumers and the businesses that are trying to make a difference in the marketplace."
Larry Gordon, Consultant, Former Vice-President of Development for Metro Credit Union

"The Toronto the Better Directory is long overdue support for community businesses…I fully endorse this venture."
Hardee T. Linehan, actor

"I am very enthusiastic about the Toronto the Better Directory…[it] will; bring together under one cover many stores and services which are building the social economy that is so necessary for the health of this city."
Michael Shapcott, Co-op housing Federation of Canada

"Connecting your values to your consumer decisions is not just about taking the hard edges off the mega-city…[it] can act as a powerful tool for progressive change. Toronto the Better [will] serve as an information tool to help revitalize the city as one of North America's most livable and just."
Bob Walker, former CEO, Social Investment Organization

"Great idea, great Web site."
Guy Hooker, CEO The Ethical Investment Company of Australia

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